• SalAmeria ®

SalAmeria ®

Most people that are passing by the ancient Via Emilia,  finding on their way the Shop belonging to La Fattoria di Parma, where they can try all the different products produced here, haven’t yet tasted all the delicacies that the Firm produces: some people arrive from the nearby regions, some from far away and they heard about Culatello, Strolghino and Culatta from people that have already tried them and told them about the perfume, the texture, the pleasure they encountered.

Those stories reached foreign countries and became myths.

There are experiences that can’t be told, must be tried!

The SalAmeria was born with this intent: give everybody a taste of this unforgettable experience, see how was born, explain thru tasting tours why is so famous.

Imagine to visit a 150 years old cellar, where products like Culatello, Culatta, Strolghini, Salami, Fiocchetti were left ageing, cuddled from the autumnal fog and the summery hot spell… now imagine to try all those delicacies, learning how to distinguish them from the shape, the flavour, the colour… learn the complexity of the taste that a slice of Culatello give you when you take it with your bare hand to eat, maybe accompanied with a good glass of Fortana…

The SalAmeria is all of this: not just a restaurant or a quick pit stop.

It is a unique experience that give you the chance of trying every single product from the most famous Italian Cured Meats.

It will be easy then to recognise them, choose the favourite one and buy it for yourself or as a gift, from our Shop.

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