"Il Re delle Nebbie" Culatello (the King of fogs)

"Il Re delle Nebbie" Culatello – Whole, with strings – Produced by La Fattoria

245,00 €

4 Kg. ca.

Product Available

Culatello – Produced by La Fattoria – Soaked in white wine – Whole, ready to slice

255,00 €

3,9 Kg. ca.

Product Available

"Il Re delle Nebbie" Culatello – Produced by La Fattoria - Half

135,00 €

1,6 Kg. ca.

Product Available

Culatello, noble and princely, is with no doubt the most precious of all cured meats; is obtained by the thigh of Italian-raised pigs.

Culatello made by La Fattoria di Parma is produced in limited quantities and only during cold months. It is naturally aged in damp cellars for a time of at least 12 months. Every Culatello ham is rigorously numbered and marked.

The preparation of Culatello
Culatello is first untied then put under running water where it is carefully brushed using a hard-bristled brush (La Fattoria offers their clients suitable brushes). At this point, Culatello is soaked into a container full of dry white wine. Culatello should soak for a number of days depending on its ageing; generally, the soaking time is 1 day. (La Fattoria will provide any necessary information on how to prepare each Culatello, by taking into account the curing time and the weather in which, the chosen Culatello was cured).

Here, we’re only providing general information.

At the moment of the purchase we’ll offer specific information.

Once removed from soaking, the Culatello is pealed, the fat all around it is thoroughly removed and the Culatello is cut in very fine slices. 
La Fattoria offers the whole Culatello treatment service, if the customer wants.

When this option is chosen, the delivery will be delayed by some days for allowing Culatello to soak in wine.
Once you’ve sliced your Culatello, to keep it soft, cover the fresh side with a spoonful of butter and store it.
How to store Culatello:
Wrap Culatello with a dry cloth and store it in a cool cellar or in the fridge. 
During our Culatello taste education tours, our personnel will show you how Culatello is treated. View Taste education tour page. 
In the taste education tour, Culatello is the real protagonist. The election of the "Supreme Culatello” is a contest among 3 different types: 12 months old Culatello, 18 months old and 20 months old. 
During out Taste education tours a tasting session is included where visitors can better appreciate this great salumi, but also Culatello with rind, Fiocco di Prosciutto, Parma ham, Salame Strolghino and Salame Felino.

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